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Asgardia – The First Space Nation

Asgardia’s adventure to become the first globally recognised Space Nation. For many years citizens of earth have looked to the sky and dreamt about the secrets space holds. The possibility for new life and new civilisations. Envision a large group of different creatives going and

CIA Staff fired for hacking and robbing vending machines.

It’s often that we’re told horrifying tales of CIA black sites, torture regimes and force feeding prisoners LSD. Although something we aren’t usually told about is CIA agents going rogue. By rogue I mean the ingenious, dastardly, reprehensible plan that left several vending machines over

Apple debuts it’s most powerful computer yet.

Apple have the specs for it’s new iMac Pro and it’s a beast. The technology industry is consistently outdoing itself, and each other. With all major tech companies releasing new and improved laptops, smartphones and tablets on a regular basis. But Apple seeks to dominate the industry

China has created a giant floating solar farm.

China has developed a floating solar farm and it’s now up and running. China has always been well known for its pollution in cities and a large part of their population choose to wear face masks in their day to day life. So their newest

NHS hit by nationwide ransomware cyber attack.

The NHS has confirmed 16 organisations have been compromised by a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a type of malware when downloaded encrypts the victims files, demanding a ransom to be paid (usually through anonymous digital currency Bitcoin) before the user affected can access their files