Donald Trump’s golf resort’s are littered with fake TIME Magazine covers of himself.

Donald Trump posting fake news? Surely not.

The days of our youth, when everyone thought it was cool to insert pictures of yourself onto magazine covers and billboards are well and truly over. Not according to Donald Trump who has decided badly done Photoshop is a new passion of his.

After Trump has been causing havoc over the media recently with his ‘clamp down’ on fake news from media companies he has now fallen into some trouble of his own. The president of the United States of America made his own edit of the cover of TIME magazine with him stood cross-armed for the 1st March 2019 edition. This included a cover line reading “Trump is hitting on all fronts… even TV!”

There were also two smaller headlines about Barack Obama, climate change, and financial crisis. It turns out these were subheadings for the 2nd March edition, which had Kate Winslet as the cover.

In five of Trump’s golf resorts, the walls are decorated with him appearing on magazine covers. This doesn’t seem to out of place for a narcissistic megalomaniac, that is until everybody realised the magazine are fake. Which in all fairness… doesn’t seem too out of place either.

TIME has confirmed that not only did the magazine not put Trump on the cover but it also did not even release a magazine on that day. A spokesperson from the magazine has stated they have asked the President to remove the forged covers.

At the CIA headquarters in January Trump boasted about the amount of covers he already had appeared on, stating “I think we have the all-time record in the history of Time magazine”. He was soon corrected by being informed that TIME had said in 2014 that a previous US president had appeared on the cover an astonishing 55 times.

The Washington Post stated that when the Trump Organisation were asked who made these mysterious covers and how they came about being hung in his golf resort they refused to answer any questions.

Who knew secretly even Donald Trump likes fake news!

Photography via Lion Multimedia Production U.S.A