Inside North Korea, Pyongyang.

Inside is an ongoing project giving you a glimpse of life on the inside of some of the worlds most least documented/dangerous places. Collaborating with fearless adventurers armed only with a camera and pen to bring you outstanding photographic albums and stories. You can find our other Venture Projects here.

Previously we featured an incredible photography album from Inside North Korea’s Arirang Festival from Stephan’s Portfolio. Today we bring you a deeper look inside the hermit kingdoms capital. With photographs showing the every day life of North Koreans living inside and around the capital, this album offers a slightly honest portrayal of life in the country – aside from the not so subtle propaganda images littered throughout their daily environment.

North Korea known for their love of military parades, nuclear ambition and undiplomatic temper tantrums have a national pride – a passion almost, that some of you may not of heard about. Arirang Festival held in Pyongyang, North Korea is a gymnastics display like you’ve never seen before. The name of the festival derives from an old Korean folk story, one where a young couple is torn apart by an “evil landlord” intending to convey a deeper message about the division of Korea.”

For a deeper understanding of the illusive nation, check out our feature length interview with Atira Arrifyn who visited the country and worked with students from the Pyongyang University of Architecture.

During the first few days, I felt like I was seeing a constructed facade. A sugar-coated lens that they want the world to see their country through. The beautiful side of Pyongyang. But after a few days I do feel like more layers were unveiled. I started observing glimpses of normal everyday lives of the people that is often overlooked in favour of political propaganda generated by the media. Basically simple everyday activities like people rushing to work, queuing up for the tram, school children walking hand in hand, couple going into theatres, a group of teenagers playing volleyball, housewives buying groceries, people eating ice cream during a hot summer afternoon.”