Pregnant women in New Hampshire accidentally allowed to Murder

Republican’s accidentally pass a Bill stating pregnant women in North Hampshire have impunity for homicide or manslaughter.

We all know in this day and age most people won’t read the fine print before signing but this has caused a whole lot of trouble in New Hampshire last week. Lawmakers have accidentally written a law giving pregnant women impunity if they commit homicide or manslaughter. If it wasn’t bad enough this passing by the lawmakers of the state, the bill also managed to slip past The House and The Senate with no one realising.

“Senate Bill 66” was designed to define unborn fetuses as a person in cases involving homicide or manslaughter in order for the person involved to be charged with a full sentence. The bill known as a Fetal Homicide bill describes any fetus from 20 weeks old to be established as a person.

Once passing the bill, a number of women’s rights advocates came forward protesting that it could be interpreted as including abortion because of the vague language used. After attempting to change the bill so it clearly exempts abortion it read “any act committed by the pregnant woman: Any act committed at the request or direction of the pregnant woman or for the benefit of the pregnant woman” as well as any act committed by a doctor would not apply “in cases of second-degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, or causing or aiding suicide.”

Credit going to the word ‘any’ for all the commotion, people came forward worrying that it sounds a lot like pregnant women are allowed to kill anyone with no trouble. According to Bustle the language was amended again last Thursday to secure the loophole and the updated bill once again passed New Hampshire’s Republican-led House and Senate.

Once noticing the embarrassing mistake in the Bill a statement was quickly released “No one in this chamber voted to allow anyone to be able to murder anyone,” Republican House Majority Leader Dick Hinch said. “That was not the intent.”

Senate Bill 66 may have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed but Democrats in the area have voiced their concerns, pointing out the fact women already face felony charges in some cases that result in miscarriage or stillbirth. Meaning there could still be a long path ahead for women’s right in areas of the US.

Photography via Mark Goebel