The Weekly Fix – 28/05/17

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In this weeks edition of The Weekly Fix, an 18 year old created the worlds smallest satellite, several UK Festivals are set to allow personal drug testing and The National Post reports a former Vice editor allegedly recruited journalists as drug mules.

Several UK festivals to allow attendees to test their drugs.

A number of festivals around Britain this year are set to allow the public to safely test their drugs, without fear of reprisal. This year there will be a number of festivals allowing the public to take their drugs into into a tent run by The Loop, one of the organisations that carry out forensic tests for the police.

The Loop will safely test the sample of substance you give them. The organisation will destroy any excess substance from the drug test, so best to not hand over a fully baggie unless you enjoy pissing away your money without receiving those enjoyable day-long comedowns.

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An 18 year old kid has created the worlds lightest satellite.

Rifath Shaarock, an 18 year old kid from a small town in India has made the worlds lightest satellite weighing only 64 grams. The impressive device was chosen as the winner of a competition called Cubes in Space, an organisation that has the support of NASA and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.

The original idea for making the contraption was to show off the performance of 3D printed carbon fibre. According to the 18 year old his satellite will go on a four hour mission for a sub-orbital flight on the 21st June this year. In the duration of the mission his invention will operate for about 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment of space. The main objective for the launch will be assess the durability of its 3-D printed cover.

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Former Vice editor allegedly tried to recruit Journalists as drug mules.

The National Post reports it spoke to several current and former Vice employees that accused former Vice Canada editor Yaroslav Pastukhov, also known as Slava Pastuk of trying to recruit journalists into a “transnational cocaine-smuggling ring.”

In the report, The National Post says the former Vice Canada music editor offered each of the former/current Vice employees $10,000 to carry illegal cargo hidden in the lining of their suitcases, travelling from Las Vegas to Australia. The National Post also reports that the Vice employee’s did not accept the offer.

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Photography via Eva Rinaldi.