Venture x Charles Dixon.

Currently blowing up the Watford hip-hop scene, Charles Dixon has been making waves and shows no chance of stopping. The 25 year old rapper recently received recognition from the MOBO Awards, and has played at several wild shows around the Watford area. Dixon first dropped his debut mixtape in 2015 entitled Cloud Walking Vol. 1 and has since released a number of well-received singles such as, “Flexin’” & “Reload Reward.”

Flexin’ features Charles Dixon and Kiid Dreamer, the beat reminiscent of the alternative hip-hop scene currently blowing up in America. All the while the duo putting a unique British spin on it giving it a turnt up Mikill Pane like vibe. The visuals are some of the best we’ve ever seen for an independently created music video, the strategically placed emoji’s to the beat is so simple, yet so ingenious.

What’s up, how have you been?

Yeah I’m chill bro, just come off the back of 2 shows this past weekend, What you been saying?

Nothing much really man, looks like you’ve definitely been busy though, you recently released the track Reload Reward, it’s had amazing feedback over social media how does that feel?

Thanks man, I feel blessed to have the support, the MOBO tweet definitely helped push it.


Yeah we saw the recognition the MOBO Awards gave you, that’s an awesome achievement for an independent artist. What has the last year breaking into the industry taught you?

You can do a lot when you have a strong team working with you.

Has anyone in particular been around that’s helped you craft your sound?

I guess, everyone I’ve ever worked with has influenced me in some way, whether that be in the studio or people I’ve met online.

What did you grow up listening too?

I remember being like 5-6 and whenever I was in the car with my mum, she’d play a track on repeat. I’m talking like, at least 10 times in a row lol. It would mostly be soul, 80s, dancehall and old school hip-hop. I grew up on those sounds and then discovered different genres during secondary school.


Do you think that’s had an influence on the music you create?


and who are you currently listening to a lot?


Hahaha, I rate that a lot, so what are you currently working on?

Lol, we’re editing a music video for a new track: SHINOBI, and I’ve got around 10 other projects in the pipeline.

Sounds good man, when can we expect to see the video for SHINOBI out?

We’re gonna premiere the video at Watford Museum as we did the Reload Reward screening there, it was fucking LIT. SHINOBI will be out this summer.


Sounds like something to look out for, where can people get updates from you about shows?

And on snapchat: @charlesdxn

Awesome, and what’s the end goal for you?

World domination.

Good plan, we feel the same… and finally If you could have anyone dead or alive for a feature, who would it be?


Thanks Charles.

Photography by Rob Williams.

Special Thanks to Charles Dixon.