The Weekly Fix – 02/07/2017

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In this week’s edition of The Weekly Fix… Donald Trump becomes a pioneer of fake news to appease his narcissism. A new strain of ‘super-strength’ MDMA has caused several deaths and Republicans decide it’d be a good idea to let pregnant women murder people.

Donald Trump’s golf resorts are littered with fake TIME Magazine covers of himself.

The days of our youth, when everyone thought it was cool to insert pictures of yourself onto magazine covers and billboards are well and truly over. Not according to Donald Trump who has decided badly done Photoshop is a new passion of his.

After Trump has been causing havoc over the media recently with his ‘clamp down’ on fake news from media companies he has now fallen into some trouble of his own. The president of the United States of America made his own edit of the cover of TIME magazine with him stood cross-armed for the 1st March 2019 edition. This included a cover line reading “Trump is hitting on all fronts… even TV!”

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Multiple people taken to hospital after ingesting “super strength MDMA.”

Greater Manchester Police are warning people of a new “super strength MDMA” that has sent seven users to hospital so far. Two males and one female were rushed to hospital on Sunday in Oldham after ingesting a highly potent form of ecstasy known as “Pink Champagne.”

One of the men and the women are in critical condition, while the other man is in “serious” condition. Last weekend saw a total of seven users admitted to hospital, with two of the users in intensive care fighting for their lives.

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Pregnant women in New Hampshire accidentally allowed to Murder.

We all know in this day and age most people won’t read the fine print before signing but this has caused a whole lot of trouble in New Hampshire last week. Lawmakers have accidentally written a law giving pregnant women impunity if they commit homicide or manslaughter. If it wasn’t bad enough this passing by the lawmakers of the state, the bill also managed to slip past The House and The Senate with no one realising.

“Senate Bill 66” was designed to define unborn fetuses as a person in cases involving homicide or manslaughter in order for the person involved to be charged with a full sentence. The bill known as a Fetal Homicide bill describes any fetus from 20 weeks old to be established as a person.

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