The Weekly Fix – 04/06/2017

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In this weeks edition of The Weekly Fix… Monkey gangs are robbing tourists at an Indonesian Temple. Internet based ‘Smart Bandages’ using 5G are set to be trialed. China creates a ginormous floating solar energy farm. Nuclear Submarine plans are found tucked away in a suitcase for sale in a charity shop. A full report on all of the current information known about the tragic London Bridge attack.

Monkey gangs are robbing tourists at an Indonesian temple.

A group of pretty ferocious looking monkeys have been wreaking havoc in an Indonesian temple. The Uluwatu Temple in Bali is reported to be the first and only place this uniquely criminal behaviour has been spotted in primates.

The gang of monkeys have been stealing possessions from tourists visiting the temples, then attempting to ransom back the items in exchange for food.

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‘Smart Bandages’ set to be medically trialed within 12 months.

A team of professors at Swansea University’s Institute of Life Science are in the process of developing a ‘Smart Bandage,’ which they say will be put to trial within the next 12 months. Scientists say the bandages would allow doctors to track the wounds healing process in real time using 5G.

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China has created a giant floating solar farm.

The floating energy farm has been created by Sungrow, who are the leading PV inverter system solution supplier in the world. The impressive collection of solar panels has been placed in a subsided mining town that has been flooded by high amounts of rain. The depth of the water ranges from four to ten metres in the coal-rich city. Now that the farm is up and running it is believed it’s capable of producing 40MW of power for the city.

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Nuclear Submarine plans found hidden in a suitcase for sale in a charity shop.

Deep within the lining of the suitcase lay 1.8 meters worth of drawings of the former Navy vessel. The shop manager took the drawings to the TV show David Dickinson’s Real deal when it visited the Gwynedd town.

Former Plymouth based ship that last faced active service in 2009 is known to be a historical ship worth £200m.

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A terrorist attack at London Bridge has left 7 people dead.

A terror attack taking place at London Bridge and continuing throughout Borough Market has left 7 people dead and at least 48 injured.

A white van occupied by three men hurled itself into a group pedestrians on London Bridge last night at around 10:00PM. Sources have described the vehicle to be travelling approximately 50mph before driving into several innocent bystanders.

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