The Weekly Fix – 25/06/2017

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In this weeks edition of The Weekly Fix… A terror attack near Finsbury Park mosque left the country grieving. Students from the Taiwan University of the Arts created a stunning photography project shining light on water pollution. Photography from a mysterious lake in Tanzania that petrifies animals to stone. CIA contractors fired for hacking and robbing HQ vending machines. A feature length interview with photographer and model agency CEO Tatjana Irina who is on a quest to reinvigorate the lives of homeless people in London.

Finsbury Park terror attack leaves one dead and several injured.

One person has been announced dead with 9 others wounded after a van was used to attack a group of worshippers near Finsbury Park mosque. Police have confirmed that one person has died from wounds inflicted by the van attack, while nine people are also being treated in hospitals throughout London.

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“Pollution Popsicle’s” show the dangers of water contamination in Taiwan.

A group of university students in Taiwan have collaborated on a project that shines a light on one of the most important environmental issues. Many people around the world still don’t have access to clean water, with hundreds of millions of pounds being sent across the world in aid, in the hopes of funding clean water projects.

Meanwhile this art project seems to cast a light on the depravity the worlds environment faces on a daily basis. Students at the national Taiwan University of the Arts created 100 popsicle’s made from polluted water around Taiwan. The polluted waters came from lakes, rivers, beaches and ports to raise awareness on the international pollution epidemic.

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The Harrowing Lake that petrifies animals it touches to stone.

Although it sounds like something straight out of a horror movie I ensure you this is lake of death is very real. Deep within Tanzania lies a mysterious lake, the water is said to be eerily calm – almost silent.

ny animal that attempts to swim through the lake is turned into stone. I know this sounds too strange to be true, and in times before science I can’t even begin to imagine what the Tanzanian locals would of thought of the lake.

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CIA Staff fired for hacking and robbing vending machines.

Reports say the thefts began in Autumn 2012 and continued undetected all the way through to March 2013. The great heist involved the use of an electronic payment system called “FreedomPay.” It involved unplugging a cable that connected the vending machines to said payment system, and then using “unfunded FreedomPay cards” to purchase as much as their twisted hearts desired.

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Meet the German photographer capturing homeless models.

Tatjana Irina has been causing a storm in the creative industry with her new agency ‘TIH Models.’ Originally from Nürnberg, Tatjana Irina grew up in Bayreuth before coming to London a year ago to continue her photography.

The 24 year old photographer has been working to fight social inequality by working with homeless models. Tatjana Irina has been documenting the breath taking images she’s captured so far on her Instagram. Venture got the opportunity to catch up with the up and coming photographer to find out more about her vision.

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